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Today Must Read Poems!

Grievances For too longI’ve tried to transformThis four letters wordInto relationshipWhich you see as the highestLevel of impossibilityA ship that you will ride with meWithout proudnessBut I think it is sinkingAnd there’s no safety boat to escapeBecause I refused to be remindedAfter the last ship wreckThat made my eyes served asSource of running waterBecause I […]

Today Must Read Poems!

Docile eyes call for the glaciers of heart to be melted,To be smitten in a way where illusions appear like devotions.Desires and passion collide with each other,Entangling each other in a serpentine coil.My charisma invokes for a submissive dawnTo widen the channels of unapologetically beauteous conflict ;A conflict that has no end and has no […]

Free Promotion for Authors!

Join the ultimate free Cross-Promotion review group About The Group: This is a cross-promotion group where authors can get free, honest and legitimate reviews for their books. How does this work? All books of member authors in this group will be listed on a tab which will make the books to be randomly picked on […]

Today Must Read Poems!

THE PATH I TOOK Cold as the white rose waking at daybreak,And weak as the last cloud of an expiring storm,My fortune melted away like snow in a thaw,Emotion sped like mechanical toys guided by manikins,And it pealed through my brain like a muffled bell. On the lonely path, I collapsed as if by enchantment,Shadowy […]

Today Must Read Poems!

Drifting throughThe mazes of my mindJourneying with himStill~~Seeing himIn the distanceOn his own path He feels so near, Trying to pick upMy pace WhisperingsHe can’t hearOnly soulsCan translateLoves’ passions Once more,Just,One more walkIn the eveningSide by sideEnjoying the quietudeOf the echoesWithin nature’s environsAs twilight slowly slips intoA lavender Summer sky Now,Autumn’s soon arrivedWith its prismatic […]

Today Must Read Poems!

THE LAST ROAD Like Geography and the shape of the EarthLike Columbus and the story of AmericasMy Government Teacher lied(to me) again“Government of the peoples by the peoples for the peoples” This was the first he told me and usHe told many more by twelve forty post meridiemOn every hot Thursday afternoons in the class“Majority […]

TLOP Interviews S. J. Flynn

What is your name, where are you from and what are your hobbies? My name is Shelby and I am from a small town in Nebraska, and enjoy reading, watercolor painting, and Hiking. How did growing up as a writer looked like for you? I started writing poetry when I was 7 years old after […]

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