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We are the home to hundreds of countries across the globe whose poets and writers continue to promote the critical advancement of peace through their literary art in participating in our literary promotional activities!

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From the Iran uprisings to the Kashmir Lives Matter movements, our poets across the globe are painstakingly supporting crucial global peace movements across the globe!


TLOP Interviews Andrew Bathgate

What is your name, where are you from and what are your hobbies? Andrew Bathgate, born in Scotland live in California, writing is my hobby.  I am Ethical hacker by trade and support my wife’s business as a realtor. How did growing up as a writer looked like for you? I wrote my first book […]

TLOP Interviews James G. Carlson

What is your name, where are you from and what are your hobbies? My name is James Carlson and I’m from the States. Pennsylvania, to be more specific. And my hobbies include running, hiking, listening to a variety of music genres, reading horror and fantasy books, watching movies, taking care of my many pets, and […]

Free Review Promotions — TLOP

A Herculean task of every writer is getting reviews. Reviews are harder to get than book sales because a reader needs to have read your book to have the will to write a review. Book Reviews helps to connect authors to their readers to the extent of increasing the potential sales of the book to […]

VOP Winners Announcement Time

The special day for the announcement of winners for our Voice of Peace continental anthology competition has now been made public by our juries!

Entries Closed —VOP 2021

Voice of Peace: 1st International Poetry And Short Story Anthology Competition 2021 The Announcement of the fully collected statistics of this competition and updates on results declaration will be made on 5th of April 2021. A huge number of submissions has been recieved from 144 countries that surfed our website from 1st of January to […]

Today Must Read Poems!

Grievances For too longI’ve tried to transformThis four letters wordInto relationshipWhich you see as the highestLevel of impossibilityA ship that you will ride with meWithout proudnessBut I think it is sinkingAnd there’s no safety boat to escapeBecause I refused to be remindedAfter the last ship wreckThat made my eyes served asSource of running waterBecause I […]

Today Must Read Poems!

Docile eyes call for the glaciers of heart to be melted,To be smitten in a way where illusions appear like devotions.Desires and passion collide with each other,Entangling each other in a serpentine coil.My charisma invokes for a submissive dawnTo widen the channels of unapologetically beauteous conflict ;A conflict that has no end and has no […]

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