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End Dayz by Kellie Sheridan

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
  • Best for: YA Fiction Readers 
  • PG Rating: 16
  • Star Rating: 4.5
  • Date Published: 4th of January 2013
  • Book ASIN: B00AX2BICY


After surviving a deadly plague, a series of four letters written by teens; Pierce, Belle, Alex and Jack narrates their horrific experience in relational time while fighting for hope in the middle of a fictional aftermath called “The second invasion”. Pierce arrives in Connecticut on the 29th of October, his own letters are addressed to Betty, a teen who stays remote in Birmingham. Pierce testimony is terrific and intransigent. His testimony is a testament of hope, horror, condolences and fear. Belle letters was addressed to her diary. Her father and her elder sister, Grace hunt stores for food and are soon forced to live inside an abandoned high school building when their food provisions reduced and the trade barter system wore thin. Her testimony encompasses fighting over rape, fighting for freedom and even her life. Alex and his mom left home heading to the coast of North Carolina, but the zombies keep escalating—many people are turned. Alex writes to his father like a mentee giving his mentor feedbacks on how he was living by example following what his father taught him to the script. He fills in the space as the head of the family while his father is far away. Alex admits he misses the obsession his father had for the civil war. He accepted a non negotiated adoption of Marybeth (Nina’s best friend) after her family got turned. He also accepts Adam — a hitchhiker who Alex feels to be innocent and trustworthy. Zack the last author of this book of letters wrote of when he was told to write the mission in the high school which he was careless about, mere survival will never be enough, not in its dissertation of a government operation. In the end he turned out to be a large amount of the electrons that lit the “New home” idea of Paulson’s up and running.“No one will be forced to help retake the school, and no one will be forced to help move in with the group when we do, but we can’t live like this forever, we need to start creating a future for ourselves”. United States author, Kellie Sheridan has written how four teens struggle to save their lives and the lives of others as passengers of relational time during the unavoidable “Second Invasion”—There was simply no way anyone could have known that the miracle vaccine (of the first invasion) would put every one’s fate in line. The letters and diary entries contained in the book may be illogically deeply stressed than actual letters and diary entries for the average reader as there are too much details on the condescending teenager thoughts, emotions and mutual feelings (Which is a lot less in a real letter).If you are a fan of zombie and thriller short stories, this is for you.

In Kellie Sheridan’s End Dayz “The city is gradually infected, many have been turned — an epistolary testimony of a horror-gripping apocalypse”—TLOP Reviews.

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