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Justified by Carolyn Arnold

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
  • Best for: YA Fiction Readers 
  • PG Rating: 16
  • Star Rating: 4.5
  • Date Published: 4th of January 2013
  • Book ASIN: B00AX2BICY


Maddison Knight, a lead detective for the elite mobile police force of the CSI receives a phone call that ends her christmas holiday. Now her and her partner, Terry Grant and the CSI team of Cynthia Baxter, Jennifer Adams and Cole Richard find themselves spending their Christmas holiday plunged deep in the investigation of a murder case which follows the interrogation of related—connected murder suspects in the name of Alison Minard, Elizabeth Best, Darcy Simms, Barry Parsons, Darren Taylor and Aaron Best.

“Sometimes the stark emptiness of her life would hit her, how she had gotten to this point where her life revolves around hunting down killers even on weekends.”

 Maddison Knight searches for evidence as she deals with her least favorite thing “blood” and a lot of it. Madison Knight is an ambitious detective who tries to forgo love, family concern and things that needed commitment so as not to get distracted from staying focussed on her job. Madison is very curious and she has a great talent for scrutiny. Her contrast, Terry Grant (her partner) is overly otherwise, pessimistic and a bit lackadaisical, he believes in love, family and he is more socially orientated. Both detectives work on the murder case of Clair Reeves, an amazonian beautiful business woman whose dead body was discovered by her maid wearing nothing but a lacy camisole. Clair Reeves was killed by an emotional assailant, the very man she had her last sex with. Motivated by love and fueled by financial compensation, Darren Taylor is the jigsaw that murders Clair Reeves. He did this because of his love for Elizabeth Beth who in lave treated him with indifference and a coward disdain. This novel might be predictable at a glance but it’s amazing the author clearly begins to go south on the whim—spreading wildly woven motives everywhere like a bush fire linking every dry piece of wood. The avoidance of eye contacts by suspects to arouse fear is largely over stressed by the author which might make readers find a concealment on the suspect side.

About The Author: Carolyn Arnold is a UK based author with a goal to provide the most realistic police procedural novels in the market place!

“Justified—a detective Madison series novel that will keep crime readers in the shoes of logical and illogical instinctive motives, doubts and suspense that warrants the investigation of a murder case”

4 replies on “Justified by Carolyn Arnold”

I’ll get one of these reviews when my novel is completed someday. Keep up the good work TLOP! I am adding this to my next read.


I had Darcy Simms as my first suspect and last all along, it was not so hidden. Eventually my thoughts came true and this makes me a sort of a detective I guess. Loved the book and the review, thanks TLOP for this one!


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