Red by Ogundimu Caren Oluwatomisin

More than just a word,
binds us in one piece.
Without fear of the sword.
What we need is peace!
Not a pool of blood.

Oh, my dear White!
Precious white has been stained
with blood of the innocent.
Dark shades of Red.
What will end this torment?
Ah! No peace for the wicked.

Sleepless nights!
All are insecure.
Their conscience stained with guilt,
the masses need a cure.
Sovereignty should be built!
For Red to be white and pure.

We need justice!
Fight for our Right,
fight for peace.
Fight, we need to fight!
But let us keep the peace,
while fighting for what is right.

Author Bio:

I am Caren Oluwatomisin Ogundimu. A student of Methodist Girls High School Yaba Lagos. What informed my writing of this poem is about the recent protest by the Nigerian youth as regards bad governance, killing of peaceful protesters and general insecurity in the land. I therefore, look forward to a peaceful Nigeria where the voice of the masses would be heard

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