If The Dead Could Talk By Miss Rainbow Moonfire

You hate my color so you decided to kill me
How long will people like me suffer from your cruelty?
I was begging for my life, my family needs me
Could’ve been still alive if you didn’t pin down my neck with your knee
You killed me in front of many people
I lost my life and people may console
May my death remind you all of the existing inequality
Of how stern life can be to the black community
May my death not go in vain
May my tragic demise give the world a lesson to gain
May the world know that I will not rest in peace
Until justice is served…until racism would cease.

Copyright Miss Rainbow Moonfire


TLOP Today kicks off the start date for inking against brutality. We want to read poems from authors and writers on topics that ranges from police brutality, violence, sexual abuse, government maladministration, global crisis and the endemic called poverty. All poems will be published on our website All you have to do is to use the below #hashtag when writing your poem on the internet. If you’ve written a poem that fits into any of the aforementioned list, shoot us your poem at Let’s ink against brutality!

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