Voice of Kashmir by Sana Khalid

Develop the humanity, break the chain of oppressiveness

Stop the differences which create the pain of aggressiveness

Valley of heaven has lost its own natural fragrance
Malodorous aroma of blood promoted the vengeance

Awaiting eyes are pleading for mercy
For many decades compelled people are in searcy

After losing every person’s beloved, all have tired
Until, nobody wants to have slavery desired

On the beautiful headland, vibes of barbarism removed the peace
Human being mourns of mutilated bodies, scream for release

Calling the world of impartiality they ask for security
Bearing the draconian behaviour they deserve appeal for authority

Its universal truth, freedom is the right of all
Who deny, nourish the values of fall

Listen the voice of Kashmir, raise and spread
Hold the hand of destitute, move ahead

Wave the flag of friendship in the air
Set up brotherhood relations with fair

Copyright Sana Khalid


TLOP Today kicks off the start date for inking against brutality. We want to read poems from authors and writers on topics that ranges from police brutality, violence, sexual abuse, government maladministration, global crisis and the endemic called poverty. All poems will be published on our website All you have to do is to use the below #hashtag when writing your poem on the internet. If you’ve written a poem that fits into any of the aforementioned list, shoot us your poem at Let’s ink against brutality!

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