From This End by Abuchi Onyema

From that end,
Life looks so embittered
Emptied, and full of iniquities
Bring no good news but casualties

From that end,
Life looks like a battlefield
A ground for the mighty and bravery
Dishing out war and unhealthy rivalry

From that end,
Life was very poor and unkind
Hard, weird and very frustrating
A graveyard for dreams and hope

But from this end
Life looks so encouraging
Inspired, motivated, and achieving
Like a garden where hope is nursed

From this end
Life preach love and kindness
Happiness and faithfulness
Brewed with peace and oneness

On this end
Life brings no worries
But self actualization
And a smiles of accomplishments

©Abuchi Onyema


TLOP Today kicks off the start date for inking against brutality. We want to read poems from authors and writers on topics that ranges from police brutality, violence, sexual abuse, government maladministration, global crisis and the endemic called poverty. All poems will be published on our website All you have to do is to use the below #hashtag when writing your poem on the internet. If you’ve written a poem that fits into any of the aforementioned list, shoot us your poem at Let’s ink against brutality!

Poets Bio:

Abuchi Onyema is a poet from Anambra state, Nigeria. He writes from the capital of Nigeria, Abuja. Abuchi Onyema is a graduate of Public Administration from federal polytechnic Oko. He’s a published writer in the world of literature and arts.

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