In My Police Complaints by Pankhuri Sinha

The burning question
The most bizarre
Disturbing to the point
That makes living impossible
Is that Fine
I even accept
I am under surveillance
Fighting it
Comes later
But who is monitoring it?
Who all?
How come
So many
Have called me
At times
That you simply cannot
Not notice
When the phone rang?
And this is after the hospital sojourn
Having asked the nurse
How can you not notice
If the police siren
Goes off often times
As you are stepping in
Or out of your house?
And the nurse
Sitting in the review panel hearing
Has complemented you
On being very articulate.

Copyright Pankhuri Sinha.


TLOP Today kicks off the start date for inking against brutality. We want to read poems from authors and writers on topics that ranges from police brutality, violence, sexual abuse, government maladministration, global crisis and the endemic called poverty. All poems will be published on our website All you have to do is to use the below #hashtag when writing your poem on the internet. If you’ve written a poem that fits into any of the aforementioned list, shoot us your poem at Let’s ink against brutality!

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