Woe Unto The Earth by Olaoba Tomiwa

The sounds of chariots of fire
Hastily rushed into the sounds of thunders.
Two lights collided, and
Spelled a pathway for a crystal water.

Melodies of sorrowful songs
Played in the miserable atmosphere.
Contradiction and confusion,
Were the new contesting governors for the dear earth.

The rage of rain and volcano,
And the rage of earthquake
Made a beautiful sunny day
Turned black and white.

‘Woe unto those who live on earth!
For today are the sons of God carried away.
Make haste!
Let the plagues destroy the sons of perdition.

Copyright Olaoba Tomiwa.


TLOP Today kicks off the start date for inking against brutality. We want to read poems from authors and writers on topics that ranges from police brutality, violence, sexual abuse, government maladministration, global crisis and the endemic called poverty. All poems will be published on our website All you have to do is to use the below #hashtag when writing your poem on the internet. If you’ve written a poem that fits into any of the aforementioned list, shoot us your poem at Let’s ink against brutality!

Poets Bio:

I am student of Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria (FUTA). I’m a lover of Jesus. And I long to see Him all around me.

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