Translation & Review of Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana’s Poem by Balogun Iyanu


The delights,
The emotions
Of lovelorn days
Keep on resurging
Time and again
To mesmerize me
With ever-new memories
And drag me to reality.
In an elated mood
With delightful hopes,
Drowned totally
In warm recollections
I fail to find a shore
Where I can find solace.
Dreaming and fondling
In the cozy lap of love;
Yes, wrapped inside
With delights, infinite
Sweeter tastes thy love,
But I guess! Is it a reality.
Alas but….
Staring at the skies of realism
I find mere showers of emotions
Had reality hid in the dark clouds
Showering wave of emotions
At regular spells. Is it not a reality?

Copyright Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana


Awọn idunnu,
Awọn ẹdun
Ninu awọn ọjọ ti o ni ifẹ
Ó padá tín jiindé
Aago ati lẹẹkansii
Lati ṣe amojuto mi
Pẹlu awọn iranti titun lailai
Ati fa mi si otitọ.
Ninu iṣesi ayọ
Pẹlu awọn ireti didùn,
O rì lapapọ
Ni awọn iranti to gbona
Mo kuna lati wa ni eti okun
Nibo ni mó ti le ri itunu.
Tó n láálá ati aigbagbe
Ni ipele igbadun ti ifẹ;
Bẹẹni, ti a we inu
Pẹlu awọn idunnu,
Alailẹgbẹ aladun dun itọwo ifẹ rẹ, Ṣugbọn mo gboju! Ṣe o jẹ otitọ.
Akókò dé ṣugbọn….
Ni nwoju awọn ọrun ti ohun gidi
Mo wa awọn ohun iwẹ ti awọn ẹdun
Ti o daju pe o farapamọ ninu awọsanma dudu Ikun igbi ti awọn ẹdun
Ni awọn igba iṣan deede.
Ṣe kii ṣe otitọ?

Translation into Yoruba by Balogun Iyanu
Copyright Balogun Iyanu


When a poem eulogises the nostalgic memories of a beautiful woman it warmly charms the readers imagination, pilots them into a premium aura of mesmerization. In this 26 line free verse poem written by Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana, this memories gravitate into a pictured reality where he finds himself “Drowned totally in warm recollections”. The style of the poem is dominated by run-on lines and metaphoric imageries e.g line 22 “skies of realism”, line 23 “showers of emotions”, line 24 “wave of emotions”. Also, one cannot rule out his wisely woven ceasura’s in line 17 ”yes, wrapped inside”, line 18 “with delights, infinite”, and line 26 “at regular spells. Is it not a reality?”. The poets tone is ecstatic and filled with the pleasures of blissful romance, Ashok thinks his love-drawn lines into reality, however, he is clueless of that belief as he ends the poem with a puzzled rhetorical question “Is it not a reality?”. The semblance of the imageries perfectly resonates with the theme of poem; which makes unclad the core values of unconditional love. The poem is written in intermediate English which makes it easier to understand and to be assimilated by the middle English learner. Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana has done a great job in crafting this ever green poem which will; when read, will stand the test of time, and will eternally remain unconditional.

By Balogun Iyanu

Balogun Iyanu is a Nigerian poet, a web designer, human rights ambassador and an internationally acclaimed writer who presides as the founder and executive head of The League of POETS.

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