Peace Petition

United Voices for Kasmir

Kashmir-Jammu Peace Petition

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To U. S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

To The Honorable António Guterres
Secretary-General at the United Nations

To The Honorable Narendra Modi
Prime Minister of India.

To The Executive Director, UNICEF

We, the undersigned, request that you use your personal influence to get the Indian government to restore peace to the Kashmir-Jammu people.

In 2019 this crisis was labeled as the inevitable effect of the Corona Virus pandemic. However, there is still no sign or evidence that the restrictions imposed on the Kashmir people might be lifted.

Communication is a dead end service in Kashmir, as only the 2G service is ubiquitous around the area. India’s administered Kashmir hospitals are not fully functional, despite the surge of the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic. Even learning institutions and schools have been closed for more than a year. An estimated half a million (or more) people have lost their jobs while the price of rent and food has hiked.

Mass curfew restrictions and a communications blackout were imposed across the Kashmir-Jammu India administered region. Markets and roads were closed, which had a knock-on effect on the economy, with the price of food, transport and rent skyrocketing. Moreover, hundreds of political leaders and activities were detained during this time.

We are asking the UN partners on the ground to provide emergency aids to vulnerable families in Kashmir. This may include food parcels, medical packs and running ambulance services. We are calling on the UN to please use its influence to look into this matter with the Indian government, thereby, help fostering peace in the Kashmir-Jammu region.

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