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Into A New Year by Salam Bhai

Into a new year,
When our dreams shall witness success!
When against no injustice we shall proclaim no redress!
And when incorrigibility shall leave the hopeless,
And when we all perceive the pleasant fragrance of progress.
So shall it be, in this new year!

In this new year!
No longer shall the mothered become murdered
And no tears shall fill the face of every mother
No longer! Shall Cains rise to behead their brothers.
And no longer shall our Yusuf’s brothers sink their brother in the well of betrayal!
No longer, shall mourning become our friends every morning!
And tears make not our night bright from the darkest sight!
So shall it be in this new year!

In this new year,
To the Almighty, we supplicate!
That no longer shall we witness an emergence of the giant ant.
That stung and stole from the world,
the universal peace
And leaves lives lying in piece.
Not in peace!
For this, we pray, this new year!
No sounds of agony shall we hear
So shall it be this new year!

Into this new year,
The onset of a new decade
Growth, shall Fatherland witness in every of her page.
By development, she shall be enraged.
And with prospects, she shall be engaged!
Not again, shall we witness fear.
So shall it be in this new year!
©️ Salam Bhai

Author Bio:

Saula Sheriffdeen Olamilekan is a Nigerian poet whose poem name bears “Salam Bhai” he writes on issues affecting the globe , such as: Racism, Discrimination, and Deforestation! And a host of others.
He is a voice for the feminist, human and nature activist