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Untitled by Ayeni Temitope

Rating: 5 out of 10.

A Divorce Paper”, I said out aloud. “What’s this Teni?” Yes, my wife’s name is Teni. I know I did not mention her name all this while because you never asked. “Yes it is” the annoying young lady said after me. “And who the hell her you?” I asked with a cold face. She took off her glasses, took a step towards me and smiled. “My name is Barrister Titilope Kuku”. “Kuku?” Kuku is my wife’s family name and I stood there even more confused. Before I could ponder further, she continued “I happen to be your Ex wife’s Lawyer and more so, her kid sister”. “Teni” I called my wife “what is she saying?” I asked. Before she could say a word, she cut her short “what I’m saying Mr Adekunle is that Teni is my elder sister, and I’m also the lawyer handling her divorce case.” “Divorce!!! We are not divorced” I said right back at her.

“Oh yes you are about to be” she cut me off. “Take a look at the document with you. You filled a divorce at my client, Madam Teni on the 24th June 2007”. She pointed the heading of the letter to me with her glasses. I took a look at the paper again, and she was right. The paper was signed by me. According to the content of the paper, I was accusing Teni of infidelity and due to excuses laid in this paper I signed refusing to be her husband no more. “What is going on here Teni?” My voice woke our baby and immediately, he started crying. Teni managed to sit at the edge of the bed received the baby from the mysterious lady and feeding him with her breast. The young lad found her nipple with his mouth & from the sound that was coming out from his mouth, it was obvious that he was sucking with pleasure.

As I stood with this news that rattled before me, the pores on my skin opened. Sweat took over my body, I could hear my voice fading away. This is judgement day, and I’m being held accountable of my deeds by this beautiful devil who happened to be an in-law and no doubt, a dangerous lawyer.

According to this divorce paper that is with me, I filed a Divorce case against my wife and truly, it was signed by me. Teni signing her part of the Divorce here at the Hospital, which means she’s agreeing to the Divorce. Allow me to break my ordeal to u. Teni had prepared a legal document for our Divorce & made me signed it. I’ve tried rattling through my mind to knowing when and how she made me signed the letter but can’t just place it. It must had been one of those days I used to come home drunk with lipstick stains over me and smelling of a feminine perfume. I never knew that all these while, Teni was seeking a professional help & to make it worse on me, she was doing that from her sibling (sister). I know Teni could not have pulled all these together by herself, I’m so sure that this would have been engineered by this Evil Genius. Gush! I wish I could strangle her and be done with it. Why me? Why now? And to make it worse, Teni will be parting away with 65% of our properties and since I was the one asking for this Divorce and I had signed it b4 now, I can’t even fight Teni over our Baby. God!!! This is too much for me.

All I ever fought for, I lost within a flash. Oh! My baby, my only child. How can I be allowed to see him on the day of his birth and will be seeing him no more? According to law, Teni will be given the possession of the child because he’s still young & he needs the attention of a mother.

Moreover, I had already signed our Divorce paper before our child was born. I’ve destroyed myself, I’ve allowed these Women to take the best of me and there’s little I can do to fight this. I’m so caught up.

As I stood there, my legs began to shake, sweat took all over my face & I began to feel weak inside and out of me. Before I could get myself, tears poured out of my eyes freely with no constrain. I fell to my kneels with tears all over me. “Pls Teni” that’s what I could say. I crawled to meet her in her bed side, holding her two legs still crying. “Pls Teni, don’t do this to us” I said again. Teni, taking her eyes away from.

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I am a writer from Nigeria. I am a graduate of Mass Communication and I live to write.

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