Short Stories

The Night Jennifer Lost Her Virginity by Aloysius S. Harmon

Rating: 7 out of 10.

She stares into the mirror, wondering how many hours God took to make her beautiful. She blushed about her curves and sexy thighs she has been blessed with.

“Gosh! With this romantic body, clear skin, gold eyes, and lovely dimples; These are assets to get the best suitor,” Jennifer said and bits her lips playfully as she couldn’t stop facing the mirror.

She had tried almost all the dresses she had and was still thinking which one would be the best for tonight’s party. She finally got a white dress that could show her body shape. “Short dresses are the best,” she smiled. She got dressed and left out for the party.

“Did you have an hour discussion with the wardrobe before coming, girl?” Carolyn poked fun at Jennifer.

“Whatever, babe”. Jennifer giggled. They both laughed and hugged.

The party was already on and things were getting hotter.

“They must have put in their last cash in this party. Things are going on great”. Jenifer said.

Jennifer booked a table with her best friend, Carolyn.

Carolyn took off to respond to a call on her phone. The noise is very audible. “I will be back.”

“Hey, pretty! You look bored, sitting beside you would be cool? Yeah? Why not?”

“I’m waiting for my friend,” Jennifer said.

“I’m Allen, and you”? Allen stretched his hand for a handshake.

“I’m Jennifer, “Jen” for short,” Jennifer said, as she slid her right hand from Allen’s hand.

“Nice meeting you”, Allen said.
He winked his eye at her.

“Hey, who do you think I am?” Jennifer’s nerves turned on. She blasted in his face.

“Hey, hey, Jennifer, calm down, please.
I was just being silly about that,” Allen gulped his wrath.

Desperate Allen is known as, “The night raider”. He usually used his money to persuade girls to sleep with him. At times, he buys a drink as an offer and places the drug in it.

“Jen! So, what’s up for tonight,” Allen asked, placing his arms around her neck. He removed his arms. “Oh, I’m sorry about that, dear. Besides, do you drink alcohol,” Allen asked as he quickly stared at Jennifer’s breast.

“Yeah, but I’m on medication now. Thanks.”

“Mommy’s little girl, you’d love to drink a glass of juice”? He asked.

Jennifer, look at her glass. It seemed empty.
She answered, “Yeah, sure.”

“A glass of juice, please”. Allen shouted.

“The guy standing at the bar looks nervous. Who is he,” Jennifer asked. She swung her eyes from the guy to Allen.

“Alcohol makes people crazy, Jen. Come on, this is a party, let’s celebrate,” Allen said joyously.

“Excuse me, please. I want to check on my friend, it has been 30 minutes since,” Jennifer said. She started to feel uncomfortable with the raiser’s conversation.

Jennifer left Allen at the table alone and went outside.
Surprisingly, Carolyn was talking with someone at that moment.

“Will be with you, girl,” Carolyn showed a sign.

Jennifer walked inside, back to the table. The juice was already placed on the table with a tap sitting over it.

“Did you speak with her,” Allen asked?

“Yeah, I’d spoken with her. She’s fine,” Jennifer answered.

She held the glass and sipped a little of the Orange Juice. “This tastes great. Thank you.”

Some minutes later, Jennifer looked dizzy, “Get my friend for me, please. My mood is becoming embarrassing. I would love to rest.” she fell on the table reluctantly.

“Don’t worry. I have my driver. He will take you home,” Allen insisted.

Allen seemed happy because another had fallen in his trap. He drove her to his house. He held her by the arms and dropped her on the bed.

She lied in bed like a lizard seeking an answer from his Creator. With her face straight to the ceiling. She opened her eyes, things were blurred. She attempted to sit when she noticed her feet were tied. Not only that, but she knew another world was about to make her a dweller.

Allen never hesitated. He took off his red shirt, his skivvies and belt, and pulled his long jeans down.
Jennifer was about to face another world. She could feel the cake

cakewalk of another earth.

Allen took her clothes off and tied her legs very tight. She could only witness him fulfilling his sexual demand.

He slid his rod into her sacred body. He rides on using his strength as a man to satisfy his taste. Repeatedly, he hit it so hard. Jennifer held the bedsheets. Grumbling and grumbling.

When he was done, he removed the tape from Jennifer’s mouth.

About The Author

Aloysius S. Harmon is a Liberian writer born on December 8 2002.

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