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A moment I won’t forget by Ivan S. Fiske Iv

Broken thoughts, flashbacks and memories
Are the sad music my mind have put on repeat
And these scars engraved onto my heart cause me to weep
That short horrific moment has taken a seat within my brain.

I was a beautiful young girl
Age 14, had a smooth hair
Blue eyes, golden skin
Voice sounds sweet like honey.

On a cool and sunny day
I decided to take a walk by 4pm
Walking down the highway
I was attacked by four men.

All dressed in black with face mask,
I fought with all the strength I had
Screamed for help with the last tone of my voice
Unfortunately, there was no soul to answer my call.

Voice blown away by slaps
I became helpless
Thighs separate forming an angle of 120 degree
And left me deflowered and powerless.

Lying in a pool of blood in agony
Tears frozen, voice lost
Beauty destroy, pride trashed
My world became dark forever.

Copyright Ivan S. Fiske Iv

Author Bio:

Ivan S. Fiske Iv is a young talented writer from Liberia. His works have been published on several magazine, such as Spillwords, We Write Liberia and so on.
He is a student of the ELWA Academy.