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Silver Spooned by Emma Wells

I face downwards
cocooning peers —
I’m tender like that:
kind, caring, sharing.
I feel for curved inferiors —
they’re never picked,
whereas, I shone
like steely determination;
my veneers glinted
in the sun.

I’ve been a counsellor,
stress ball,
makeshift cigarette,
a toothpick,
musical instrument,
a mid-field cricketer —
I’m often in role,
donning Thespian threads:
a versatile performer
that’s treaded the boards,
regaled at countless applauds.

And yet…

… I’m struggling
face cast down — abject;
my metallic bruises chaff,
scrape, singe, swell —
I’m distorted, mind-blown
like a hurricane toppled oak —
its beautiful boughs
cast in a timeless curtsy,
gravity grabbing its beauty,
I, too, am cowered,

You may ask why?
What happened?
Did I fall from God’s grace?
His favour?
Scratched beyond recognition?
Marred by Time’s relentless nails,
stripping my mantle —
marring metallic flows
of my silvery silk?

Love is the answer.


She licked me clean,
clean of even me,
her talons struck,
held me,
like a sucked mint
dissolving, disentangling
metallic locks,
caressing, unfolding
ribbons of rocky egos —
leaving a tinny skeleton
with caged, brittle wings.

With a lost sheen,
I was held less —
not sought or polished.

Her visits ended.

My mistress fled:
her lips flying
to golden fields
seeking iron crutches,
to hold, retain
pearlescent pouts.
A regal, stoical throne
curates in her iron-ore mind…

I’m fading
clinging to the light
of a barely opened drawer;
I’m disused cutlery,
scrap metal,
fit to smelt.
I bend to
oval-faced siblings,
equally stripped
of luminescent cloaks —
long-bitten to
defunct hollow cores.

I tend my metal holes:
puncture points of lost love
where sorrow flows freely…
Bruising wounds,
lifting flayed flesh.
Time drains to depletion,
a sieved semblance of me
rests enfolded
in withering,
transitory whispers.

Copyright Emma Wells

Author Bio:

Emma Wells is an English teacher and a mother to a six year old daughter. She writes poetry and short stories as she enjoys the creative freedom that it allows. She has been writing creatively for nearly two years. She has poetry printed in The World’s Greatest Anthology, The League of Poets, The Lake (an online poetry journal) and a selection of poems published in Dreich Magazine. She has published short stories in Aurora & Blooms Creative Arts Journal and Visual Verse. She is currently writing her first novel.