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This anthology fulfills the mission of spreading the truth in the cultural, religious, social and political goal for peace in support of the first part of this edition. The poets numbering 500-1000 have succeeded in weaving a peaceful edifying chorus of united voices that will live to echo in the four corners of the earth dwelling in the hearts of many, not only as an inspiration but as a motivation that dares to gather enough courage to attain peace. Poems from contemporary ethnic divides have once again come for the sworn unification of peace through poetry.

From the Inside Flap

The human life is a copy-book of achievements and failure which has a genesis record of progressing into a radical gravitating change of experience and exposure. We live to struggle against the prophesying pillar force that determines the meaning of our lives, the purpose of life or the existence of our lives. These pillars represent questions of who we are, what our purpose is here on earth and if life exist outside the prison walls of our planet. Our ideology of life is multilateral and multicultural. And this splits the unity of our minds; A man knows he has only one life to live, so he says to him “I must live my wish”. He antagonizes his fellow being for sinister gain, he goes far to bankrupt his country, amassing wealth his life can’t see finish and war erupts in thunderous sounds like a volcano. We set fuel that lit up chaos, we discovered the advancement that took us by arm’s length, yet we have refused to plummet into the thought that we had done so long ago. The current craze for wild wealth in the world has overtime boggled even our minds; something has tweaked in our minds that amassing stolen wealth is a normal thing. The alarming crux about this is the fact that it is the youth of today that flaunts in that direction. The youth is an embodiment of the future and there can be no future without the youth. If the youth who is ripe in his time to dazzle and glisten in a spark of hope, expectation, hard work, determination and insight of a brighter future than his generations is annulling this and blasting his ear drums with electronically amplified rock ‘n’ roll, following the wild vulgarity in dress morality and pronouncing it fashion, watching violent videos and swaying with the backward modernized mirror of the world, what will be our future? The youth must know his role in the modern world because the youth represents the peace of the future and the war that may exist in it. The axiomatic purpose of the world’s youth must be related to peace, how to attain it and why it must be attained. We are feel honoured to publish the winning entries of the youth because we are aware that we are publishing the peace of the future. For there have shown maturity in their poems and have exhibited a great sense of mission, purpose, and want in achieving the peaceful world every peace advocate dreamed of. This collection compiles poems deep in the immersion of peace, harmony, true love, justice and self-courage from 1,000 poets aged 16 and above all around the world. The first part of the anthology is majored in peace poems which are followed by peace harmonizing themes from part two. Selected poems were judged by our juries. Poets have written with a great distinction against anti-peace. This not only helped the purpose of this anthology but ignited it as well. This anthology is a perfect dictionary of peace poetry any student anywhere in the world can study, read and confide in. because some poems denotes the truths of life. Part of our intention is to basically motivate readers in that direction. For the poems will do far more than inspire the world in that direction, as it will be a source of motivation. A motivation strong enough to give a wing to a liability cockroach who dares to fly a dung hill, one-winged! This motivation will affect the student reader positively in many ways such as; knowing that there is no solidity that a law can be forcefully coerced or imposed upon the majority by the minority, there can be no jurisdiction without unification, there can be no harmony without love, there can be no hope without expectation, there can be no trust without truth etc. poems in this anthology has been specially judged, selected and randomly listed to positively motivate readers emotionally, psychologically, politically etc. This is part of the notions that inspired the offspring for the peace major theme. Just like a crime fiction novel, a visitor to the world of crime fiction would expect two things more entire; the galvanized suspense of breakneck action and the perfect environment for a bad deed. This compilation is not just the inverse of this but as well as the layout of this. Poets in this collection have immersed themselves in shrewd prowess of inspiration and obligation writing about peace not just from one perception or point of view which a visitor to the world of peace anthologies might expect but from a faceted angle that mirrors life. We are so happy that these poems have not only been literally spilled on paper for peace but published for peace, for eternity the poems will no longer be an extension of thought of the poet but also an illumination light of peace in the minds of many down the ages of time. We have successfully compiled in two parts the biggest poetry collection in history, 1-500 and 500-1000. The competition online for this anthology saw over 26, 000 engagements from 139 countries of the world, making it the world’s biggest peace anthology online movement. However, with the world population estimated to be over 7 billion people, war still remains a major enemy of the human race. The major recipe for stunted growth in today’s world abounds in chaos and crisis which in time leads to the underdevelopment of a nation. Since the beginning of mankind conflict has been endemic in our society, our world has remained a theatre of war and chaos and our development has become the advancement of our weapons, from the genesis of self-propelled catapult to the revelations of war headed missiles. The nexus between peace and poetry makes for a coherent social and political order for the voice that calls and fights for peace is mankind’s only hope against the oblique forces behind the spate of bombings, killings and maiming in today’s world as conflict remains endemic in human society. In a most peaceful and lucid effort to ensure conflict is decreased we present voices of peace, vanguards of history, and poets from different countries and multicultural and ethnic diversities of the world. We The League of POETS believes that if crisis is to continue man’s efforts to resolve or manage them must equally continue. We have done that here by observing harmony and unity through poetry towards all nations and cultivating peace and passion in wor nations and cultivating peace and passion in words.

Balogun Iyanu,
Founder of The League of POETS
20th of February 2020.

International Reviews

“One of the greatest poetry anthologies of all time, this poetry anthology fulfills the mission of spreading global peace through poetry in a uniform cultural, religious, social and political presentation. The poets numbering 1 to 1000 have succeeded in weaving a peaceful edifying chorus of united voices that will live to echo in the four corners of the world dwelling in the hearts of many, not only as a source of inspiration but as a motivation that dares to gather enough courage to attain peace.”


“The contemporary poets made each poem like a journey to peace, utterly unique and exceptional.”

Speaking on Songs of Peace:
“The world is becoming hot for people; some are falling while others are rising. We have to rise together and fight for what we deserve to acquire. But it first starts from our own surroundings, in-depth and wholly.”
Charles David Ogbeche
Co-Founder and Forum Director, Inked With Magic.

Speaking on Songs of Peace:
“Peace refers to tranquility or free from violence in simple sense. “
Sahajan Ali Ahmed
Assistant Professor, Barpeta College India.

Speaking on Songs of Peace:
“Let us as Poets write individually and corporately of our Hopes and Dreams for a Peaceful World! One Poem at a Time! We Can Change the World with Our Words! I believe that Poetry and Peace go Hand in Hand in Promoting and Influencing Peace through our Love of Humanity and Poetry! God Bless Us All as We Seek to Attain This Goal!”
Mary Lynn Luiz
 Author and Writer and a Global Media Coordinator/Administrator for “Motivational Strips” Poetry Forum, the world’s most active poetry forum.

Speaking on Songs of Peace:
“The proliferation of poetic language from the emerging era articulated by the one-thousand poets selected is: distinctly creative, clearly stimulates the senses, sharply innovative, cleverly invented, precisely ingenious, and unmistakably imaginative. These poets and their poetic articulations are an expressive necessity and a must-read–instantaneously!”
Dr. Joseph Spence Sr.,
Award-winning author of Sincerely Speaking Spiritually.

“Not just because my work was selected but also because I am one of the poets that they chose to promote peace and that means a lot”
17 year old Quanisha,

“The greatest impacting textbook of peace the literary world has ever passed to the world”
B. T. Success,
CEO of Impacting Life.

“The world’s biggest poetry anthology of contemporary, the peace unison”

“One of the greatest success ever published in the literary world. The first start to attaining world peace”
Segun Joshua,
Founder of Vesyjosh

A Moama poet Oliver Douglas in year 12 featured…
“We learned about World War I towards the end of Year 11 and the Battle of the Somme was part of that. So I decided to write about that.”

“Over 26,000 engagements, and winners from 139 nations, Songs of Peace is now the world’s biggest poetry anthology”

“I woke up to the good news”, says Sukanya, “the first unread email in my inbox said, ‘Congratulations!
You have made your nation proud! You are a Grand prize winner of SOPWBAOCP 2020, A competition for poem publication in the world’s biggest anthology of contemporary poetry. ‘, I’m so glad. This news came right after my poetry was declared ‘literary’ by critic Yu.”

“One of the greatest anthologies of all time”

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