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I Weave A Dream Catcher by Harpreet Kaur Baweja

It’s a place full of thorns
And my heart bleeds everyday
I put all my heart & soul
Into the garden of my making
To let the lovely flowers bloom
In the morning and evening.

Alas! There’s a spirit malicious of things,
Sweet & creative
The spirit’s dark eye
Eternally emits a fire of hatred!

The spirit’s filthy mind
Mirrors a slimy egoist pride,
It heartlessly treads over my flower beds
And leaves not a single plant standing erect.

It kills and destroys
The hope of an enriching life
And rejoices in death, destruction and plight.

My garden of dreams
Of gurgling crystal clear streams
Of peace and harmony
Of oneness , no agony
Lay slain by the Slanderous spirit’s schemes!

With empty eyes I see the sight so pathetic
With a heart full of sorrow, distressed & dejected!
I bleed everyday! How I die everyday !

But my soul’s eternal seeds of strong faith and hope
Soon see love and courage in me abundantly grow,
The phoenix in me, rising from ashes, resists defeat
Gathering the scattered feathers of my dear dreams
Once again a dream- catcher it valiantly weaves!
Once again a dream-catcher it valiantly weaves!

Copyright Harpreet Kaur Baweja

Author Bio:

I am currently working as an Associate Professor of English at Govt. Post Graduate College, Sector-1, Panchkula under the Department of Higher Education, Haryana, India.
Being a seeker and a learner, I am in a quest of self-discovery and self-realization. I love to experience music, poetry, nature, solitude and silence. I strongly believe that it is by practising love, kindness and compassion that one can truly heal one’s self as well as the wounded humanity. Hope, faith, love and courage are my best friends.