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Flowered Sheet for A Picnic Tablecloth by Debra Ann Harris

This was my Grandmother’s summer:
Brown sugar lemonade.
Uncles on the porch playing spades
Celebrating debts that’s paid.

This was my Grandmother’s summer:
Kids playing with no shoes on feet.
Barbecued meat and fried fish to eat.
Ice-cold water to keep down the heat.

This was my Grandmother’s summer:
Laughing so hard it made you cough.
Popsicles from the freezer covered in frost
Flowered sheet for picnic tablecloth.

This was my Grandmother’s summer;
It is now mine as well:
Swaddling in the summer sun.
Eating, drinking having fun!
It’s what was done and what is done.

Copyright Debra Ann Harris

Author Bio:

I’m a 45-year-old black American woman and a mother and a nurse here in America.