Fruits of quarantine by Walei Oloyede

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Click! Clack!! Horn in miles is the spread
After valentine, Here comes the fruits of quarantine

The wind blows the world in diversity of atrocity
Country weeps. Villages villagers in fear of calamity
All alone. away from friends, we were were stocked in anxiety
Our body foams in solitude, nagging for the city
Muddling up in fears, a sneeze to us become an impurity.

Strange it’s the dangerous fear of covid-19
Indeed a great pandemic, invade homes in year twenty20
We read those words, and heard thaosand of voices in chaos
“Kindly go away” enough of lock up in our house
We have so much welcome the stay that led many of us astray.

Our hands were crossed to jaw, hopping for a cure to come
Uglyness whack most faces as wearing masks nip in a norm
The weeks nag on to fifth to sixth and months
Normalcy muffle up a myth. in emmotional rejection
We want to kiss and hold, we want to shake and hug.

Slowly, slow. Its time we walk amidst a crowd
People sleep and wake, we eat and poop and pee
Idleness has inject minds with sadness at its peak
Thoughts wander. A virus of jobs lost and rent unpaid
Enduring thought of demise, the rising affected drives us to curse at laid.

Shutting doors and keeping distance not to be a vector of disease started in china
Now the world is tough and sick, fear transmit urine through our anal
Our nose runs, does’t mean we are catchy? Perhaps its just a cold
To the hospotal, but the fear of positive make us hold
Trying not to be one of thaosand cases, all to bide is prevention.
Tribute to covid-19 is tomorrow’s headline
For this deadly scourge will be controlled
Burn to aches. Corona virus is not here to stay.

Copyright Wale oloyede.

About The Author

Walei oloyede is a writer and a craftsman whose writing focuses on three genre of literature which include drama, short story and poetry.

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