Untitled by Adamu Danjuma

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Let’s love ourselves by sending out epistles that speak to nobody but our exceedingly passionate heartfelt
Let’s love ourselves.

And dry our crystalliferous skins with utmost care in the sand of tamarinds and tomatoes and lemons and limes.

It’s time to keep our burning hope alive
and gather our pieces of tenderness and macabre sweatshirts of pleasant memories on the granular of an enchanted terrain.

Let’s love ourselves like two inseparable lovebirds caged in the zoo of eternal togetherness.

Let’s love ourselves
and eat and drink in jollity
and pour our colorful tears into the vast vessel of affectuous conversations endlessly.

It is time to expose our heavy heads under the impressively-beautiful moon and stars.

Let’s drink our juice and convey to our half-awake half-asleep eyes a million message of kindness. Kindness that can be hugged and accommodated on the surface of the Mediterranean Sea.

Let’s drink our sweet-honey from the teacup of milk and hot chocolate garnished with small chops and assorted cookies of our candid courage and sumptuous sagacity.

Let’s hold the rope of tolerance amorously for I can no longer hide the desire I had over your exceptionally fictitious personality.

Copyright Adamu Danjuma

About The Author

Adamu holds a B.A. (Hons) in French from University of Ilorin. He is a multilingual speaker and writer. He’s passionate about journalism and literature. His debut poetry collection in French, Les Larmes d’une Plume Esseulée, was published in 2020.

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