Untitled by Oluwafemi Nathaniel

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pictures and pain•
When all we can do is wallow in gloom, and crawl through broken pieces of what’s left of us, now what we have is what we had, victory has defeated us.

Sounds of silence•
Now void and nothingness is all about the spoken tales of what we once shared, echoes of silence streaming through the entirety of the numb mind, the fire has burned out and love has unloved us.

End and beginning•
Victory has lost, the fire doesn’t burn and love now hates.
Is this the end ?
Or the beginning of another uncertain adventure?

Copyright Oluwafemi Nathaniel.

About The Author

Oluwafemi Nathaniel, a student of Caleb university. Poetry really just gives interpretation to My sometimes complex mind.

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