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The darkness of yesterday
Only came to blur our focus
But that shouldn’t serve as excuse
To be swallowed by the dark and pains

Even when the mountain seems so high
High above the peak of our dreams
A step at a time will get us there
Sooner or later you’ll definitely get there

The scar of yesterday left us a memory
To always remember where we came from
Where and how we started the journey
That doesn’t matter but how we finish matters a lot

Yesterday seems deep dark and scary
Yet we sailed through the storm of life
Not giving in to discouragement
But to keep track on our dreams

No matter how dark yesterday was
No matter how dark today is
No matter how far we’ve gone
There’s always light at the end of the tunnel

Keep climbing the ladder of hope
Keep pushing hard and never stop striving
Tomorrow wait for us to tell our stories
Stories of how we walk through the dark

Take no thought for the day that’s yet to come
Worry less on what you know not
Trouble not the mind to wonder ponder
The Creator is ever sufficient for us

© Adeyemi Kehinde A. Oluwanishola

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