Short Stories

Gasp by Dennis Amankwaah

Hollow man. Strange apparition in the dark.
Anxiety engulfs the coward. Chills befriends the weak.
The room smells like blood. Eyes meet deadly face.
Is there any escape?
There is no door. The gateway is seized.
I am not alone.

Hollow man. Proud one.
Immaculate apparel meets a cheerful face.
Flattering his gains for cursory gazes.
Yet his folly haunts him.
There is an inner conflict.
He is not alone.

Hollow World. Vanity
And man has such hatred for fellow man.
The stain of guilt craves vengeance,
On man’s restless conscience.
Are we not weary of greed?
Nor grow faint of lust?
The quest of man is stranded.
There is no end.
The World is not alone.

© Dennis Amankwaah (Sir Den)

About The Author

Dennis Amankwaah (Sir Den) is a creative writer, author and tutor.

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