Short Stories

Life of Me by Elizabeth

You lead me emotionally
as I feel what I dont want
you say to me
“your feeling is your prophecy”

Falling into the pull of me…
I accept what I dont want
I say:
“I transmutate to legacy”

We found a delicious itch on this spectrum you see,
I scratch through the surface of significant me
When the teacher and student becomes the teaching
We unite as one in the life of me

Copyright Elizabeth

About The Author

In celebration of the present moment, Elizabeth captures gifted thought through her own expression of Self. She resonates with the essence of those brave wanderers in search of eternal presence.

Elizabeth finds herself nestled in Cape Town. Sharing her reality through mesmerising portals of love and joy she calls family.

Her house, sandwitched by majestic mountains and ocean, stares at a public park. It is there were she finds inspiration in all shapes and forms by only observing the snapshots of life.

Professional accountant and busines owner, Elizabeth, finaly decided to share her true love with the world by embarking the unknown terrain of poetry and photography she reserved.

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