Short Stories

My Lovely Hind And My Pleasant Roe by Glory Ogunfunmilakin

A beautiful tour on the mountain, you like?
Looking at the ravishing stars at night.
Humming along with the melodious voices of the birds.
Be mine, be my queen, be with me till I have grey beard.
A ride on the horse holding you tight has been my dream.

Me not being on suit does not mean I can’t provide bread.
Lend me your heart and you won’t regret.
The valley and the hill await your arrival.
The wondrous air needs to blow your long hair.
Dont be rude to the living things, they are more than just animals.

The sheep here are stunning, they sent their greetings.
All these green grasses, yet you want greener pastures.
The river cried a river because you have no rival waiting.
The magnificent rock told me to forget about your departure.
The dazzling flower put a smile on my face, since you never did.

© Glory Ogunfunmilakin

About The Author

My name is Glory Ogunfunmilakin and I’m from Nigeria. I’m a self taught poet and a chess player.

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