Short Stories

Re-Annulment by Saula Sheriffdeen Olamilekan

Why are humans denied of their blood and souls?
Why are these ghosts yet to see the fruits of
their fight with their wealth and soul?
Why is the thumb denied of its right to choose?
Why hath the Patriot, a lot to lose?
Why have the house become hopeless at the end of their votes?
Why this re-annulment,
When the electorates are in pursuit of their goals?

Like an army of ants, they march with
their boots to the booth, to poll their votes,
But afterwards, hopelessness beheld the heart of these hope-full souls.
Like a blacksmith accruing pains to the gentle
Hopes of these men become a stinking petal.
By the evils of the re-annulment, their iced hope
For truth!
For love!
Becomes melted as the ice
What a franchise! A franchise disenfranchised!

© Saula Sheriffdeen Olamilekan

About The Author

Saula Sheriffdeen Olamilekan known by his pen name as Salam Bhai is a prolific Nigerian poet. He is an ardent believer and activist for the voices of justice, equity, love, anti-racism, humanism, and feminism.

As a result of his passion for political and societal equity, he inked his thought on one of the most outrageous dilemma of the African society in his poem titled “Re-annulment”

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