Short Stories

Shattered Love by Shayla Sultana

I’ve seen the deep eyes that leads the zigzag way
Around us all dreemy sponge, these eyes were blue bay
A sound of south breeze forcast the guddy cloud
hands that huged the sky,today just rude and bony elbow.

lover eyes were grilled ,all around spreads the smell of grilled flesh
the world was turning a big coal kitchen
hope and love were burnt with frozen tear,
I called the time, be dismay soon or burst inside the bed of gear.

And all the love if gathered, when fume turned smell of eden
The humingbird can sing a long balled of peace and ocean,
I behold the sky, the mercy in each green leaves
A happy note I have written, only for you the beloved thee.

Copyright Shayla Sultana

About The Author

A nature lover, I love reality. I am imaginative but void fantasy. From the perspectives of various life, I love to enjoy human nature. And hate is a word which is absent from me.

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