Short Stories

The Midnight Journey by Caleb Burphy

Off in the dark, and scary night they went searching for woods to gather food:
They stopped, and saw the fear saying bend, bend; too black and slander grass waved in disguise.
Hovering the land, they saw a man whose legs were tiny, short, and fat.
He walked forward as they withdrew, and to them the man said, stop, stop, stop!

Amazingly, his legs were screwed in two, fretting through the land they looked like fools,
His face was as an elephant’s trunk, roaring hop, hop, hop!
They stopped and asked what in the world was that?
Their hearts melted when they thought about the night with scary facts.

Crying in remorse they murmured a lot; longing to flee the night in bolting with their woods,
Like a boredom scaredy-cat, they both rushed the night with a raging stab;
But the night smiled and wore dark glasses stating back, back, back!
In the woods, they found a blurring light proclaiming, hi, hi, hi!

Like the flash, hurriedly they went to the other side of the woodland to get a steady stool;
The night got fierce, and threw them in a creek with fishes laughing, ha, ha, ha!
The light intruded the darkness and rendered help to the men with a sudden blast!
The both of them stopped, and said bye, bye, bye! You have got the perfect smile, goodbye!

Copyright Caleb Burphy

About The Author

Caleb Burphy, a Liberian youngster, is a poet who is thriving to excel. He has written several poems, he attends Soltiamon Christian School System. He’s 14 years old; he’s of the grade 9 class.

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