Short Stories

Tree Poem by Eboh Solomon Ogbonnaya

Tree Poem, written in honor of Her Excellency, Honorable British Queen Elizabeth II.

Only her head sunk in the ground,
With her gown held before her ankle,
With her invicible legs sunk in the sky;
Only her gown the wind blows.
Is it an injustice that her leaves will never get to her feet?

To her destination she seems at one place,
But with the route stretched, passed the house,
Passed the fence, she has a twin;
Won’t speak but does the same as she does,
Gives and gives all she has.
Is it true they grow and she never thinks?
“Mother do thou hear?”
And she replies and assures her seeds,
“Even though thou falls and sinks.”

© Eboh Solomon Ogbonnaya

About The Author

I am a Nigerian citizen, writing from Nigeria.
Chritainity is my religion.I graduate as a Banking and Finance student from Abia State Polytechnic in Aba Abia State Nigeria in 2015.
I am a poet, a novelist and a playwright.

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