Short Stories

Untitled by Bidhata Pathak

Oh, slam the door, turn the lights off.
Dump that cake and take your presents back.
Oh, why that loud music? Hey, why are you dancing?
A “Happy Birthday”? Yikes. my 16th birthday?
Not 1, not 2, not 3, EIGHT million minutes!
8 million minutes. Well, what did I do?
Be a victim of a selfish sort of love?
Learn something that will do the world no good?
Be dull enough to be unable to notice what the dewy eyes in street want?
Be cool enough to be unable to take my nerves out of my smartphone?
Be foolish enough to undermine people’s ability by their physique?
Be smart enough to say ‘beautiful’ and ‘ugly’ by their color of skin?
Be brave enough to carry a hefty and cruel heart under shining bright skin?
Be obsessed enough to focus on how I appear on social media than what my true color is?
Oh, take these flowers away.
It’s not a celebration, it’s a mourning ceremony.
Mourning ceremony for the loss of those incredible 8 million minutes.
Yikes. Not even a single one was the life I was meant to live.
May those 8 million minutes rest in eternal peace in heaven.

Copyright Bidhata Pathak

About The Author

My name is Bidhata Pathak, currently a 16-year-old high school senior in Nepal. My nation is my inspiration. While Mt. Everest teaches me to hold my head high, birthplace of Lord Buddha, Lumbini preaches me faith, calmness and peaceful perception. I strongly believe that a pen has the power to make and break people, begin and end wars, heal souls and fight for justice. Ever since I was a 6-th grader, I have been writing poems and essays that are likely to bring about at least a pinch of change somewhere in the community. The environment of the country I grew up has a great sense in my writings. I write to make a difference. I write against social imbalances in Nepal because I’ve realized the immense power of a pen.

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