Short Stories

Win Or Lose by Dr. Jyoti Bhaskar

I went up to the roof on 15 th August
To see the symphony of the kites in the sky
I stood there for an hour
Awe struck by the swag and the dance of a pink kite
It seemed like it had a mission
To reach the sun
To be the only one
To be appreciated and loved by one and all.

I caught my breadth
I skipped a beat
I knew the path the kite had taken was dangerous
The thread that allowed it soar was not that long…
It was a matter of time..
I could see it coming..
I closed my eyes..
My pink kite was on its way down…

I stood on the ship deck
Watching the sunset
Waves splashing around
Birds flying back.
The sea was getting rough
My ship tossing here nd there
I enjoyed the thrill
I loved the sway
I only saw the way ahead

I could hear them calling me back
I could hear the frantic cries
But I could not move
The speed , the freedom , the thrill kept me there
I know not what happened next…
I survived but with scars that ran deep

Where are we all going ?
One platform to another
One forum to another
One webinar to another

Are we winning or are we losing?
Are we getting richer or are we getting poorer?
What are we out there to gather?
Treasures of heart or treasures of fame?
True happiness or moments of rapture?
Words of praise or strong bonds of love ?
Time to think
Time to decide
Pause and ponder.
Will I win or lose.

© Dr. Jyoti Bhaskar

About The Author

I am a gynaecologist by profession, Buddhist by philosophy. I Believe in the power and purity of human life and write poems to empower human dignity.

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