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Like water cached inside the core of heart
The more you open, the more it comes out
No end, even ceaslessly one can distribute
Let be not so greedy to heartily contribute.

Like mountain drinks heavy rainfall
In no way bows down head at all
Gusty wind of filth can never shake or turn
Nor corching sun of anger or heat can burn
No tornado of hatred or envy can devastate
Always ready to face any challenge at best.

Like air freely moves touching everything
No indiscrimination, no bar for crossing
As generous as Nature for nurturing
As awesome as flowers for rapturing
As magnetic as magnet for capturing
What a magical force for hypnotising.

Love is like deep, dense and dark forest
Each naughty mind and heart can arrest
Love is where life is, life is where love is
Taking all carbooxide, fresh oxygen begets
In the terrestrial life, love is a haven to rest
Love never gets pluck in every kind of test.

Where love is, if you search in you
You will get the answer quick and due.

© Ramesh Chandra Pradhani

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