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Riders of the Red Dragon

Now the horizon brings colorful news
Dragons returning in reds and in blues
Waving like ribbons and shaped like big eels
One can but wonder how riding them feels

Long to the dangerous quest they have been
Spiriting riders to battle dark sin
Avarice hunters with specialized skills
Some wearing scales representing their kills

Here they return to the bosom of Earth
Entering worm holes designed for their girth
Welcomed by sentries who stand at the doors
And watch them approach through the fog off the moors

With ruby-red scales and a leather divider
And no clear distinction ‘tween serpent and rider
Only the sage may lay hand on the lever
Red dragons are precious, our enemies clever

Throngs wave their sparklers in townships below
Cheering the dragons and magical show
Serpents and riders plunge into the clay
Sages use incense to show them the way

Exit the serpentine thousand foot lords
Monks in their long flowing robes quell the hordes
Into their burrows the dragons lay wait
Till next they must counter the forces of hate

© Joseph John Racano

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