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You bring me happiness
Like no one does

You are so precious
More like pearls

You are my best of joy
Your wonders I don’t ask how and why

Quill you quench my desire
The ink you spit gives me power

Quill I need you near me
With a want so true for thee

Quill to me you’re like a god
I feel protected with you around

Quill you always paint the skies of my mind blue
The sweet smell of your ink stops me from feeling blue

Quill take me higher
Make me greater

Quill with you by my side I live to win
In you i believe to be the me I see in my dream

You are my womb to tomb friend
The one I’ll always love until the end

The ink you spit write perfect stories
And I love to crawl into your glories

Quill we’ll never be apart
My love for you is from the heart

I’ll hold on to you even when memories fade away
And even when the skies turn to gray
I will always be there to stay

Quill the wisdom you write turns ears into eyes
You make fools to look smart and wise

Now the world should realize
How important you are in our lives

It’s you who writes the history
The everlasting memories on the papers

You ink poems of love and peace
When used by the peace maker
And you ink the writing of violence
When used by the hater

Quill your life span has no guarantee
You write wonders that’s why I love thee

© Paris Zambia

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