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Coming as a guest uninvited
You make many unexcited
When you arrive with dust
That makes many not to trust
Your impending gains
But gaze only at the pains

Driving away an excruciating heat
That suffocates and viciously beat
All flesh including that of pessimists
While joy envelopes the optimists
As your seeming merits
Outweighs your demerits

When you run fast from the Sahara
With such a howling sound like opera
Budding fruits clap in joy
As no one can willingly toy
With the delight in the branches
That improves aesthetics in ranches

Romantic souls are knitted in bed
Growing affection when well fed
By the warmth of vivaciousness
That solely rest on sententiousness
Curtail this growing dryness
And liberate souls from shyness

© Victor Agbor
January, 2021

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