Free Book – Beautifully Broken by S.J. Flynn

In this brand-new poetry collection, experience a life changing journey to self-exploration, honesty, love, mental health, acceptance, self-healing & peace through the eyes of the Beautifully Broken. Featuring the never-before-published poems & unique illustrations through the original mind of published poet S.J. Flynn. Witness the intermingling and collaborative use of imaginative words & thought-provoking drawings through which she touches upon several themes often faced by us all in our pursuits of happiness and meaning within our lives, reminding us that we are not alone on our journey.

Thanks to those asking to read a free copy of “Beautifully Broken” If you are just hearing about this book and would like to have a free copy, kindly fill in the details below and the book will be sent directly to your email address for free!

NOTE: Please use the email address used to register your review account on Amazon, we won’t accept you if your Amazon account is not eligible for review.

If you have kindle Unlimited, ride on, The book is completely free on Kindle Unlimited.

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