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Frozen Rose

Shower of cherub’s dust,
Silver powder of angelic grace,
Cool embrace of holiness,
Crystal tears of heaven’s love,
A white mantle of snowy cap!

Amidst a garden once was green,
Now white with drizzle of Winter Queen,
A revolting tiny crimson drop,
Contrast a blood bloom of the silver plain.
A rose of red, a blood ruby,
Frozen, preserved, still in coldest ice.

This rose flower’s like the love we have,
A rose planted on summer sun,
Grown on spring shower,
Survived the gloom of fall,
Standing firm against the winter’s doom.

May our love bloom forever,
It’s vibrance quell life’s winters,
And firm, and lively, no matter what,
Seasons must change, but not our love.

©Adrian F. Luague

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