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When he sees grain, the chickens breathe,
When he sees bread, he breathes life into it.
When he sees glory, the creator enters,
When he sees blood, the butchers die.

When he sees the horn, the birds breathe,
When he sees the water, the fish are glorified.
When he sees the pool, the ducks die.
When it sees a swamp, the frog dies.

When he sees snow, the crows breathe,
When he sees the mountain, the eagles breathe.
When they see beloved, lovers fall in love,
When he sees the earth, the flowers come to life.

When he sees the moon, the stars come to life,
When the sun sees it, the plants come to life.
When he sees wine, the drunkards die,
When he sees poetry, he breathes life into poets.

© Rahim Karim Karimov

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