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Now at this time, Ethiopian Epiphany is on the way

Now, the main roads of Addis Ababa City,
All are not permitted to cars after the half day,
Everywhere you see the flag of the country,
Shined for the gala of Christianity.

Women have dressed white cultural wears, as a flower they bloom,
Men are watching them; some are a plan to marry from them,
The tradition is to throw a lemon on the selected one for woo,
That means sending a signal for her interest on you.
If she wants to accept the throw, she would pick it up from the soil
That a conga message, you are chosen by the beautiful.

The sound of all regions has a tenor of ritual song,
The soul of all Christ’s followers are Bend down penitential throng.

Deacons are playing Drums; others are around the square,
Using their harp to praise God, young citizens are together.
Children are happily playing the hymn of Orthodox Church,
Applauses, traditional songs and the mob’s move has a lurch.
Priests are traveling slowly holding the arc of covenants of God
After they reach at the place, it stays for a night accompanied
Today in all her cities, Ethiopia is so delighted

In which our Lord has been preached there for redemption,
Love has given for us with the baptism of Jesus Christ in our heart’s pavilion,
By John the Baptist in the river of Jordan.
We are celebrating the holly day,
The multitude is following the arc of God’s covenant together culturally.

© Alemseged Sisay

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