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Circle of life

When a child born into this world
He cries out to the spirit of the living
To be illuminated in light of the day
As the light of the day blinking

The life of a newly created being blessed
By the elderly men and women
To another world a life is taken away by god
For the space have to created for a newly living

When the deceased person buried beneath
Or below the cruel mouth of earth
His body become food for saprotophs
Which recycle dead body into nutrients

For the nourishment of the soil
On it the plants grow health
And from the same tree the fruits fall
The living eat from it to keep themselves alive

When life is taken away from this planet
Another life somewhere Is given by the gods
To keep the circle of life moving
And the generations never ending

Are the dead that makes the fresh air to blow
And plants healthyly on the ground they grow
The living feed from the plants grown on the soil they buried their loved ones

© Collins Mwansa Paris

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