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Like Geography and the shape of the Earth
Like Columbus and the story of Americas
My Government Teacher lied(to me) again
“Government of the peoples by the peoples for the peoples”

This was the first he told me and us
He told many more by twelve forty post meridiem
On every hot Thursday afternoons in the class
“Majority carries the vote”, he belched

But not so here only a few fools run away with the ballot box
To hide in the state houses and safe houses
Only a few push us to the walls on our balls
And shove democracy down our throats

This was another lie he told me and us
He tried to fit me into the little coca cola bottle
And they all come out of the Book of Slavery
“The worst civilian regime is better than the best military regime

This another Holy lie he told me and us
Obansonjo and Yaradua chop belle full and go*
We tried to understand these things
They walked and they worked and they warred

And they worked and they chopped
The Butchers built the last Roads
And built the longest and strongest bridge
Connected the governed and the governor, the poor and the rich

But the civilian regime deh chop and no dey belle full¶
(I see) it is an offside from here
There is no fair play in the game of politics
They took the ball and refuse to drop it again

There is no honour amongst thieving Thieves
These honourables could not build or patch one or any
They destroyed what the the Soldiers built
And now fly in the low sky like the shameless bald head Vultures

Atungwu Allan Di’Eldra © copyright
15th January 2021


  • Fela, Anikuloapo Kuti
    ¶ literally, eat and not satisfied. Not tired of embezzlement

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