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Cold as the white rose waking at daybreak,
And weak as the last cloud of an expiring storm,
My fortune melted away like snow in a thaw,
Emotion sped like mechanical toys guided by manikins,
And it pealed through my brain like a muffled bell.

On the lonely path, I collapsed as if by enchantment,
Shadowy faces, known in dreams, pass as petals upon a stream,
Fears streamed o’er my glommy soul like a forest flame
Suddenly, like death, the truth flashed on me.

Tears streaming down my face as I lay on the cold floor like a corpse.
In the vastness of the whole azure, I sadly look.
This is what I got because of the path I took.
Maybe now, I am going to pay the price.
If I die here tonight, no one will even sympathize.

The wheel of fortune is spinning fast
like a bomb that suddenly exploded.
It hit me abrasively, in full blast.
Death is inevitably waiting for me, I see it right before my eyes.
I feel the relentless bleeding of my wound
and I taste blood’s bitterness.
Until I lost consciousness and totally engulfed by darkness.

“A Poem Collaboration”, of:
Everestus Annie Stewart and
May Lene

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