Voice of Peace: 1st International Poetry And Short Story Anthology Competition 2021

An act of peace is one of the simplest and most cordial form of humanity, with our peace voices we can make our world become a better place. Today, The League of POETS seeks to promote peace at the frontline of global crisis by embarking on its first ever intercontinental poetry and short stories anthology.

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We are looking for entries that brings the world together. Entries that seeks for unification, exhorts love, harmonizes truth and portrays touching acts of kindness. We want entries that stands on its own as a collective voice of peace.

Guidelines for Submission

  1. Africa Submission (Poetry/ Short Story)
  2. Asia Submission (Poetry/ Short Story)
  3. Australia/Oceania Submission (Poetry/ Short Story)
  4. Europe Submission (Poetry/Short Story)
  5. North America Submission (Poetry/Short Story)
  6. South America Submission (Poetry/Short Story)
  1. Deadline: 1st of January to March 31st 2021
  2. They will be two (2) anthologies for each continent. A short story anthology comprising fifty (50) writers and a poetry anthology comprising (300) poets.
  3. For each continent ONLY nationals of the country within would be eligible for participation in the anthology competition created for the continent i.e A poet from Europe is not eligible for participation in the anthology created for Asia, vice versa. This is also the same for short stories. Thus, countries of another continent cannot participate in the anthology created for another continent. A country is only eligible to participate in the anthology created for its own continent.
  4. Eligible continents: Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North America, and South America.
  5. Writer or poet MUST be above the age of 16, however, if younger parental guidance is needed for submission.
  6. Line Limit: Poetry entries must not be longer than 14 lines while, short story entries must not be more than 500 words. Entries more than this will not be accepted. Please check out our website for further information.
  7. One poem/short story per person: While a poet or short story writer is eligible to participate in the two anthologies within his continent he or she must not enter more than a single piece for either of the anthologies.
  8. All poets MUST submit a 20 words biography while submitting their written piece.
  9. Good Grammar: All entries should be free from grammatical errors. Entries with too many or easily conspicuous errors will be automatically disqualified.
  10. Themes: Poems must follow the pivotal peace themes with a universality within the poems that breeds a versatility.
  11. Receipt of Submission: Due to the large entries we receive for our international competitions we are unfortunately unable to send each participant from all continents a receipt to admonish submissions of either poems or short stories, however, we’ll notify you if you are amongst our winners. To stay connected on the competition news and get faster updates on the competition please subscribe to the participant’s newsletter at the end of your continents submission form. Each winner of the competition will receive free copies of the anthology.
  12. A certificate of excellence and publication of winners poems on our website.
  13. Poets and Writers MUST submit their poetry and short story entries separately if they intend to submit both.
  14. Submission on behalf of another person is not acceptable.
  15. The winners names will be announced by Balogun Iyanu, founder of The League of POETS on our website in a video presentation.
  16. Best poet and writer from each continent will be awarded honorary certificates of distinction.
  17. Overall best in both short stories and poetry from all continents will be awarded a physical platinum award of distinction that will be shipped to the winners country of residence.

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